My Journey with Crypto, AI, and Accessibility

I remember feeling very sad after my third open heart surgery. My whole right side was paralyzed from the stroke. I couldn’t walk or talk normally anymore. Simple things like going for a walk or talking to someone were very hard.

At first, it was hard to see any good coming from this. But slowly, I realized that even though my health problems changed what I could do, they didn’t have to limit my purpose. I remembered that I always loved technology and innovation. With my new free time, I decided to start learning about cryptocurrency and AI.

What began as curiosity quickly turned into a new passion and mission. I realized if these powerful technologies were made easier to understand, they could help so many people, not just tech experts.

I dedicated myself to learning all about them. Then I started making educational resources and tools to simplify these complex topics. Using my own struggles, I wanted to make these innovations accessible for everyone.

Bit by bit, this work gave me new purpose. The field was always evolving, so there were new ways to help others benefit from technology. Even with my health challenges, focusing on this let me feel like I was making progress every day.

Now, over two years after my hospitalization, I’m very thankful. My work in making crypto and AI more accessible has reached so many people and continues to grow. What started as a personal passion has become my life’s purpose.

I still have difficult days of course. But this journey taught me that opportunities often come from adversity. If we open our minds to new possibilities, even big challenges can lead us to our purpose. I hope my story inspires others facing challenges to keep searching for their path.