Love Hate Inu: A New Meme Coin with Real-World Utility


Welcome to the exciting world of cryptocurrency, where innovation meets community engagement. Today, we bring you an interesting update from the crypto space: Love Hate Inu ($LHINU), a new meme coin with real-world applications that is making waves in the industry.

A Successful Launch

Love Hate Inu made a remarkable entrance into the crypto space with its listing on the CEX OKX on Friday, May 19, 2023, followed by a listing on DEX Uniswap a few hours later. This move came on the heels of a highly successful presale that saw the platform raising over $10 million, positioning LHINU as one of the most successful cryptocurrency presales of the year.

Real-World Applications

Unlike many other meme coins that are often seen as speculative assets with little real-world use, Love Hate Inu offers a unique utility to its community. The platform provides individuals with the opportunity to participate in or conduct surveys on a variety of subjects. This democratic process is protected by staking the LHINU token, making it fraud-resistant.

Users of the platform can vote on any topic they deem interesting, ranging from celebrities and personalities they love or loathe to trending topics on the web and beyond. The results of these polls can provide fascinating insights into public opinion on a wide range of issues.

Impact on the Survey and Polling Industry

Love Hate Inu is not just a platform for individual internet users. It has set its sights on transforming the survey and polling industry. Companies and nonprofits can leverage the polling platform to drive brand engagement and reach their goals. The security of the platform and its ability to verify participants through staking make Love Hate Inu particularly appealing to these organizations. To encourage adoption, the Love Hate Inu team is also working on building a VIP onramp for companies.

A Word from the CEO

Love Hate Inu’s CEO, Carl Dawkins, an adviser to the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Crypto and Digital Assets, has expressed his excitement about the listing of $LHINU on the top exchange. His leadership and vision will undoubtedly steer Love Hate Inu towards more successes in the future.

Claiming Presale Tokens

For those who purchased tokens during the presale, claiming them was a simple process. Holders simply needed to connect on the Love Hate Inu website with the wallet originally used to buy the $LHINU tokens, and then click the ‘claim’ button.


Love Hate Inu is an exciting development in the crypto space. With its combination of community engagement, real-world utility, and commitment to democratic processes, it stands out from the crowd of meme coins. We look forward to seeing how this project develops and impacts the world of cryptocurrency.

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